+*Guild School*+

Welcome to the guild school!Here you train your neopets!Easy enough right?You can also win books, school supplies and battledome items!When you attend this school you need to pay a fee of 50Np-400Np.I know it is exspensive but the stronger neopet you have the more it costs because you will win rarer books, school supplies and battledome items!!!Of course you don't have to attend!
  • Lv. Chart:
    1. Lv.1-10-50Np
    2. Lv.11-20-100Np
    3. Lv.21-30-150Np
    4. Lv.31-50-200Np
    5. Lv.51-100-300Np
    6. Lv.Too hight to count-400Np
  • Intelligence Chart:
    1. Dim-witted-50Np
    2. Average-100Np
    3. Genius-150Np
    4. Super Genius-200Np
    5. Mega Genius-250Np
    6. Ultimate Genius-350Np